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Some important news for creators about the music in Beyond Blue

Many of you have noticed (and told us how much you’re enjoying) the playlist in Mirai’s sub featuring contemporary music. We’ve also heard from you that there are concerns about usage of this music in videos on YouTube, Twitch, etc. So we thought we’d clear up any confusion so you can make informed decisions on how to handle content for your channels.

First and foremost, you have the right to include the music from our game in your content. It’s extremely important to us that you have the ability to create content about Beyond Blue and this is something we planned for in the process of putting this soundtrack together. Nearly all of the musical artists and publishers who licensed their music for inclusion in the music player have also agreed to allow their songs to be included in streams and video recordings without requesting any additional revenue share from advertising.

However, a few music publishers and record labels have reserved their right for direct participation in ad revenue. To that end, we understand why someone might not want to use any licensed music at all, so it is with that in mind that we are rolling out a Streamer Mode. It will allow all licensed music to be replaced with original compositions from the game, excluding the song from the end credits which was recorded specifically for the game. This feature is currently live on Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox, and PlayStation and coming soon to Apple Arcade. You can access it in the Creators section of the Pause menu.

For more information on streaming or making a video recording of Beyond Blue for publication or for questions about the music in the game, please contact us at

UPDATED 7/6/20
The following songs are ones we consider to be safe, but because claims notices are generated by bots we can’t guarantee that a notice will not appear by mistake. However, we’re confident that if you stick with these indie songs the likelihood is very low.

doubleVee – Last Castaways
The Edisons – Escaping By the Moment
Rachele Eve – Renunciation
Sophie Gibson – Something in the Water
LIPS – We Don’t Have Much Time
The Marias – Only In My Dreams
Muthoni Drummer Queen – Suzie Noma
Slow Skies – On the Shore
TOKiMONSTA – Love That Never
Vanderocker – Driftwood